Vintage Silver Plated Trays / Platter

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Honeysuckle Lane

Vintage Silver Plated Trays / Platter

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These silver plated trays are a beautiful shape with a rope design around the rim.

One has a red sticker on back which reads FB Rogers Silver Company.

The other one is stamped WM ROGERS 819.

They are very similar in shape and design.

When ordering, please choose by hallmark.

Size approximately  6 3/4 x 12 1/2 inches.

I have had a large collection of trays, platters, and silverware stored away for many years.

These are tarnished and I am selling as is --- some collectors love the patina and some love a good polish. I'm leaving it up to you!

  • What Customers are saying

    "Oh my goodness, this is my fourth painting, they just keep getting better and better, this is for a friend, she's going to love it! Thank you Lana! Just beautiful art....." - Ann