Mohair Bird on Plaid Silk Dupioni Cushion

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Honeysuckle Lane

Mohair Bird on Plaid Silk Dupioni Cushion

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This bird is hand-stitched using vintage, sparse mohair and recycled wool. She sits on a cushion made from plaid silk dupioni. I have used recycled wool for the lining of her wings and tail, as well. I whittled the tiny beak from a piece of ebony leftover from one of my husband's guitar making projects. Vintage seam binding is used for the decorative bow.
Approximately 6" tall.
I thought I'd make a little bird to sit under her wing... however, to be honest, it looks like a little furry fish! So, I will include it at no extra charge. 😊

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    "Oh my goodness, this is my fourth painting, they just keep getting better and better, this is for a friend, she's going to love it! Thank you Lana! Just beautiful art....." - Ann