Antique Paisley Lavender Sachet with Fringe

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Honeysuckle Lane

Antique Paisley Lavender Sachet with Fringe

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These lavender and flax seed sachets are made from antique paisley throws. I left the fringe on, even though it is sparse and tattered. I think it adds to the authenticity of the textile. It is delicate, so handle with care.

The sachets are filled with 2:1 ratio of lavender and flax seed. I use the flax seed for a bit of weight.

The sachets are about 4-4.5” not including the loop or fringe.

I have also listed some ditty bags and a few pumpkins made from the antique paisley textile.

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    "Oh my goodness, this is my fourth painting, they just keep getting better and better, this is for a friend, she's going to love it! Thank you Lana! Just beautiful art....." - Ann